2 Ursula Hanging Baskets

2 Ursula Hanging Baskets

When I first designed the Ursula Hanging Basket I had a couple of uses in mind, including catching my cutting scraps and sorting mittens ( see The Ursula Hanging Basket Story). But since then I've received so many new ideas from you! Here is my very incomplete, ever changing list of places to use Ursula Baskets and things to put in them:

3 Ursula Hanging Baskets

3 Ursula Hanging Baskets

1. Hang in your mud room to sort mittens

2. Hang from your closet door to hold socks and accessories

3. Hang in a nursery for diapers and changing table supplies

4. Use in a dorm room for personal storage

5. Hang from your bathroom door for toiletries

6. Hang near a cabin door to hold everyone's swimming/sking/camping accessories

7. Hang 2 or 3 in your sewing room to sort interfacing, trims, yarn, etc.

8. Hang 1 off of your cutting table to catch fabric scraps

Ursula Hanging Basket

Ursula Hanging Basket on table

9. Hang in your office for sorting papers

10. Hang 4 or 5 horizontally on a playroon wall to store small toys and art supplies