UGrip bike lock in pink

Abus uGrip bike lock with Ilsa Handlebar Basket

The other day I had to mail a pattern to an Etsy customer so I hopped on my bike for a quick ride to the post office. I thought I was all set with the package, my phone, wallet, and keys in my Ilsa Handlebar Basket. However, when I arrived at the Post Office I realized I had forgotten to bring a bike lock. My local P.O. is hardly a high crime area, but I still wasn't comfortable leaving my bike unlocked while I ran in to mail my package. I have a heavy-duty Kryptonite lock that I usually take with me if I'm going to leave my bike somewhere, but it's attached to another bike so I just forgot it this time. Riding home with my un-mailed package in my basket, I began to wonder, is there a small, lightweight, well-designed bike lock that I can just throw in my basket?

I stopped by Calhoun Cycle in Minneapolis and found the perfect bike lock! Check out my Abus UGrip cable lock in pink (it comes in several other colors). It coordinates beautifully with my basket, has a sleek, functional design, and fits nicely inside of my basket.

UGrip Bike lock locked up

Abus UGrip bike lock locked up