Anatomy of the Britta Hoopster Basket Handle Casings

I often get inspiration for accessories from clothing construction. I like to think of the handle casings for the Britta Hoopster Basket as little collars folded over embroidery hoops. Here's a close-up of how they're constructed:

Britta Handle casing Step11

Step 11
Step 11 (from the Britta Hoopster Basket Pattern instructions) The handle casing is sewn to the basket, right sides together, keeping the handle casing lining free.

Britta Handle casing Step15

Step 15
Step 15 After the lining is sewn to the basket and turned right side out,

the handle casing lining is hand-sewn to the basket lining.

Britta Handle casing Step15cont

Step 15 (cont.)

Britta Handle casing Step15contd

Step 15 finished
Step 15 (finished)

Britta Handle casing Step16

Step 16 Fold the handle casing over the embroidery hoop and hand-sew the handle casing to the lining.

Britta Handle casing Step16 finished


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The Happy Bicycle Errata

1. Frida Handlebar Lunchbag: Page 42, under Cutting instructions for laminated cotton for outer bag it should read "Front Strap: Cut 2 at 2'' x 2-1/2'' "

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APQ Podcast with Hemma Design

APQ Hemma Design Podcast

APQ Hemma Design Podcast with Pat Sloan

If you missed my interview on American Patchwork and Quilting with Pat Sloan you can listen to it here:http://www.creativetalknetwork.com/ or http://www.allpeoplequilt.com/magazines-more/quilting-podcast
We had a lovely chat about how Hemma Design started, The Happy Bicycle book (Pat was particularily interested in the Berit Skirt Guard), my Craftsy class, and more fun stuff!

Berit Skirt Guard

Berit Skirt Guard from The Happy Bicycle

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