10 Places to use the Ursula Hanging Baskets

2 Ursula Hanging Baskets

2 Ursula Hanging Baskets

When I first designed the Ursula Hanging Basket I had a couple of uses in mind, including catching my cutting scraps and sorting mittens ( see The Ursula Hanging Basket Story). But since then I've received so many new ideas from you! Here is my very incomplete, ever changing list of places to use Ursula Baskets and things to put in them:

3 Ursula Hanging Baskets

3 Ursula Hanging Baskets

1. Hang in your mud room to sort mittens

2. Hang from your closet door to hold socks and accessories

3. Hang in a nursery for diapers and changing table supplies

4. Use in a dorm room for personal storage

5. Hang from your bathroom door for toiletries

6. Hang near a cabin door to hold everyone's swimming/sking/camping accessories

7. Hang 2 or 3 in your sewing room to sort interfacing, trims, yarn, etc.

8. Hang 1 off of your cutting table to catch fabric scraps

Ursula Hanging Basket

Ursula Hanging Basket on table

9. Hang in your office for sorting papers

10. Hang 4 or 5 horizontally on a playroon wall to store small toys and art supplies

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How to Make a Louisa Garden Tablecloth

Louisa Garden Quilted Tablecloth

The Louisa Garden Quilted Tablecloth

I made a Summer tablecloth for my kitchen table using the Louisa Garden Quilt Pattern. My table is 36'' round so I started in the center and added rows of hexagons to the tablecloth until I had the diameter I wanted. If you have a larger table you can simply add more rows to this pattern. The tablecloth received a lot of attention at a couple of recent shows so I wanted to share the pattern with you. It starts with the Louisa Garden Quilt Pattern available at my Etsy shop. Download the free Louisa Garden Tablecloth directions here.

Louisa Garden Tablecloth

The Louisa Garden Tablecloth

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The Ursula Hanging Basket Story

Ursula Hanging Basket on wall

Ursula Hanging Baskets on wall

Necessity is the mother of invention as the saying goes. I came up with the design for the Ursula Hanging Basket because I was tired of my sewing room floor being the catch-all for my cutting scraps and thought there has to be a better way. I wanted a large basket that I could attach to the edge of my table so that I could sweep all of my fabric scraps into it. I used an oval quilting hoop as the frame for the basket and a quilter's clamp (found in the quilting notions department) to hold the basket to my table and I made a weighted heart using curtain weights (you could use BBs or anything else small and heavy) so that the basket hangs straight. And then I thought to myself "why stop there"? So I tried buttoning 2 baskets together and hung them on a wall. I'm in the process of remodeling my mudroom and wanted a place to throw and sort mittens, caps, scarves, etc. This was the perfect solution!

Visit my Etsy shop to buy an Ursula Hanging Basket Pattern .

Ursula Hanging Basket

Ursula Hanging Basket on table

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