Cold Weather Fat Bike Style

Fat Bike Style

Fat Bike Style

If you live in a cold and snowy part of the world like I do, you may be thinking that you need to wait for Spring before you get out your bike and start using your cute accessories. Think again: consider a fat bike like my friend April (seen here sporting an Astrid Hand-Knit Helmet Cover and Gudron Hand-Knit Handle Cozies from The Happy Bicycle). She let me go for a spin and it's an incredibly fun bike to ride. I asked her to tell us about riding her fat bike around Minneapolis:

I usually think of people riding fat bikes in the snow in winter. When and where do you ride yours?

 I LOVE riding my fat bike.  I do mostly ride mine in winter snow, but they are a ton of fun to ride year round! I mostly ride mine on the weekends around local park trails such as Elm Creek, Murphy-Hanrehan and Theodore Wirth.   They are also the best bike ever for commuting to your favorite coffee shop.   

Where's your favorite place to ride it?

  Elm Creek Park Reserve – the 10 mile trail system there is the best groomed trail in the metro area and with 10 miles of continuous flowy trail, you really can’t beat it!

What do you like about riding it?

Riding a fat bike reminds me of being a kid on a Big Wheel.  They are so cushy and bouncy that it’s hard not to smile when you are on one!  They are also great for beginner mountain bikers as the larger surface area of the tires allows a rider to better maintain control through turns over smaller roots and rocks.   

Would you recommend a fat bike to an average bike rider or do you need to be fairly athletic to ride one?

 A fat bike is great for anyone from a weekend cruiser to a serious cyclist! You can’t go wrong with a fat bike.  They are also great for those wanting to give mountain biking a try as the larger surface area of the tires allows a rider to better maintain control through turns over smaller roots and rocks.  

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The Happy Bicycle Podcast

Would you like to hear more about the inspriration for, and the projects in The Happy Bicycle? Here's a podcast of a brief interview I did with KYMN radio in Northfield, Minnesota, the town I grew up in. Northfield is a big cycling (and reading) town and was a major inspiration for me when I was writing this book.

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Fighting Cancer with Trolls



As 2014 comes to an end I want to share with you one of my favorite things from the past year. I met a woman named Britt at an event in November who shared this photo with me of her ride for a cure cycling team, Britt's Brigade. She made matching pink, polka-dot Troll Handlebar Bags for the team members. I was incredibly touched that she used my pattern for such an important event, because like many of you I have friends and family that have battled cancer, some who have won their fight and some who have not. I believe very strongly in the power of laughter and if this photo is any indication we are well on our way to finding a cure. Thanks Britt!

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