How to Make a Louisa Garden Tablecloth

Louisa Garden Quilted Tablecloth

The Louisa Garden Quilted Tablecloth

I made a Summer tablecloth for my kitchen table using the Louisa Garden Quilt Pattern. My table is 36'' round so I started in the center and added rows of hexagons to the tablecloth until I had the diameter I wanted. If you have a larger table you can simply add more rows to this pattern. The tablecloth received a lot of attention at a couple of recent shows so I wanted to share the pattern with you. It starts with the Louisa Garden Quilt Pattern available at my Etsy shop. Download the free Louisa Garden Tablecloth directions here.

Louisa Garden Tablecloth

The Louisa Garden Tablecloth

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How to Make a Fat Quarter Bouquet



I made this super-easy bouquet out of fat quarters for my booth at Quilt Market and it was a huge hit! If you're looking for a quick project with a lot of impact here's how to do it:


- fat quarters (I used all 16 prints from the "sundborn garden" by Hemma Design fabric collection for Red Rooster Fabrics)
- floral wire ( I used a raffia covered wire, but you can use any style you wish) cut into approximately 20'' lengths
- wire cutter
- vase
supplies for making Hemma Bouquet

supllies for making a Hemma Design Bouquet

Step 1. Fold each fat quarter lengthwise with the raw edges to the center.



Step 2. Fold in half again with the edges slightly uneven and the raw edges to the inside.



Step 3. Bunch together the fabric with the raw edges to the inside.



Step 4. Wrap one end of the floral wire tightly around the fabric a couple of times. Bend the wire to make a stem.



Step 5. Bend the end of the stem into a loop to your desired length.



Step 6. Pull the fabric folds apart to shape the flower.



Step 7. Arrange fat quarter flowers in a vase.



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Free Quilt Pattern "Sundborn Kaleidoscope"

HemmaDesign free quilt pattern

I designed a quilt pattern inspired by my new fabric collection "sundborn garden". The bright colors made me think of a kaleidoscope and I like how the prints really pop off of a white background. This photo was taken at the Red Rooster booth at Quilt Market- so cheery!

You can download a PDF of the free pattern for the Sundborn Kaleidoscope Quilt at  Red Rooster Fabrics.

Hemma Design Sundborn Kaleidoscope Quilt


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The Embroidered Backstitch: ever so useful!

How to Embroider a Leaf Border using the Backstitch

Use this leaf border on placemats, tablecloths, curtains - wherever your imagination takes you!

Placemat with leaf border embroidery

Leaf Border Pattern

Step 1 Download & print out embroidery pattern. Use a fabric transfer pencil or fabric transfer paper to copy the backstitch onto your fabric (follow manufacturer's instructions).

Step 2 Make border as long as you like by tiling pattern on fabric.

Step 3 Use 2 strands of #8 purl cotton or 1 strand of #5 purl cotton. Stitch stems and embroidered leaves following diagram. Do not embroider aplliqued leaves yet.

Instructions for backstitch

Working from right to left:

A. Come up at 1.

B. Take a stitch back 1/8" at 2.

C. Come up at 3, an 1/8" from 1.

D. Continue moving ahead, keeping stitches even.

Embroidery Instructions

Step 4 Apply fusible adhesive to the back of leaf fabrics following manufacturer's instructions. Cut out leaves and press in place following pattern.

Step 5 Embroider appliqued leaves.



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