Anatomy of the Britta Hoopster Basket Handle Casings

I often get inspiration for accessories from clothing construction. I like to think of the handle casings for the Britta Hoopster Basket as little collars folded over embroidery hoops. Here's a close-up of how they're constructed:

Britta Handle casing Step11

Step 11
Step 11 (from the Britta Hoopster Basket Pattern instructions) The handle casing is sewn to the basket, right sides together, keeping the handle casing lining free.

Britta Handle casing Step15

Step 15
Step 15 After the lining is sewn to the basket and turned right side out,

the handle casing lining is hand-sewn to the basket lining.

Britta Handle casing Step15cont

Step 15 (cont.)

Britta Handle casing Step15contd

Step 15 finished
Step 15 (finished)

Britta Handle casing Step16

Step 16 Fold the handle casing over the embroidery hoop and hand-sew the handle casing to the lining.

Britta Handle casing Step16 finished


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Giddy About My Scissors

Kai Scissors

3 Kai Scissors

It's so important to have the right tool for the job. I've seen so many of my sewing students get frustrated because the sewing machine they're using doesn't work well or the pair of scissors they're using doesn't cut. I recently listened to my own advice and bought myself a pair of Kai scissors. I didn't take this purchase lightly- I tested out all of their models and chose the 9'' Professional Shears. They felt good in my hand and I liked the weight. The first project I used them on was a double-sided coat made out of bonded wool and micro-fleece. My old scissors barely cut through the heavy fabric, but with my Kai scissors it was like cutting through butter.

Kai 9 inch Professional Scissors

Kai 9 inch Professional Scissors cutting bonded wool

I LOVE my new scissors! The only thing I regret is not buying these years ago. What was I thinking? I'm feeling inspired to make something out of silk chiffon because I know cutting it will be so easy.

Because I liked my 9'' shears so much I just got the Kai Needle Craft Scissors (So sharp! Great for clipping curves and snipping tiny details) and the thread clips since I'm so tired of searching for a pair of scissors next to my sewing machine. I love them since you barely have to look at them- just grab and snip. Nothing like having the right tool for the job!

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How to Make a Bicycle "Motor" Flapper

Bike Flapper

card attched to bike with clothespin

When you were a kid did you ever make a noisemaker for you bike that sounded like a motorcycle? It's easy to do with a trading card (we used baseball cards) and a clothespin. You simply attach the card to your bike frame at the rear wheel using a clothespin and with the card inserted between the bike spokes. If you want a louder sound use more than 1 card stacked together. You can also fold one end of the cards to make them stiffer and stay on better. Play with it and see what works for you. You might be thinking "this sounds great for a kid's bike, but why would I want to do this to my bike?" Because it's fun!!! You won't need to shout "on your left!" when passing someone because everyone will hear you coming!

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