Consider the Embroidered Running Stitch

How to Embroider a Running Stitch

An easy way to add a simple, yet decorative embroidery to your project is to use a running stitch. We used it on the Annika Market Bag pocket embroidery - closely spaced stitches for the stem & leaves and more widely spaced stitches for the pocket outline. The petals are done in the lazy daisy stitch.

Annika Market Bag Pocket

photo by Erin Nicole Johnson

Embroidered Running stitch

Embroidery Running stitch Instructions

Use 2 strands of #8 purl cotton or 1 strand of #5 purl cotton.

Working from right to left:

Step 1 Come up at 1.

Step 2 Insert needle at 2 and come at up at 3.

Step 3 Continue moving ahead keeping stitches uniform and even.


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