The Well-Padded and Tight Fitting Ironing Board Cover

Ultimate Ironing Board Cover

Tips for a Tight Fitting, Well-Padded Ironing Board Cover

1. Put your new ironing board cover on over the old cover. This is a tip I learned from my mother, an ironer extraordinaire. Over the years her ironing board has accumulated so many layers of covers that it's become an exceptionally padded, tightly covered ironing board.

2. If your ironing board is brand new create more padding by adding layers of cotton quilt batting. Trim to fit top of board. Do not use polyester or synthetic batting.

3. Of course we recommend using our Karin Laundry Room Ultimate Ironing Board Cover Pattern to make a well-padded, tight ironing board cover. You can customize the amount of padding you want and our fitting system makes for one tight cover.

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