The Embroidered Backstitch: ever so useful!

How to Embroider a Leaf Border using the Backstitch

Use this leaf border on placemats, tablecloths, curtains - wherever your imagination takes you!

Placemat with leaf border embroidery

Leaf Border Pattern

Step 1 Download & print out embroidery pattern. Use a fabric transfer pencil or fabric transfer paper to copy the backstitch onto your fabric (follow manufacturer's instructions).

Step 2 Make border as long as you like by tiling pattern on fabric.

Step 3 Use 2 strands of #8 purl cotton or 1 strand of #5 purl cotton. Stitch stems and embroidered leaves following diagram. Do not embroider aplliqued leaves yet.

Instructions for backstitch

Working from right to left:

A. Come up at 1.

B. Take a stitch back 1/8" at 2.

C. Come up at 3, an 1/8" from 1.

D. Continue moving ahead, keeping stitches even.

Embroidery Instructions

Step 4 Apply fusible adhesive to the back of leaf fabrics following manufacturer's instructions. Cut out leaves and press in place following pattern.

Step 5 Embroider appliqued leaves.



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